Monday, June 22, 2009

The VBS Report

Matthew is going to VBS (Vacation Bible School) for the first time ever this week. I was a little nervous because sitting still is not his specialty. The church we are going to right now is small and does not have VBS so he is going to a different church where we do not know a soul. This does not at all bother my boy (he is so much braver than me).

He chose this particular VBS because it had a gator on the sign. Although, he almost changed his mind when he saw another church was having "Kangaroo school". I have been talking with him about it the last couple of days and he has been pumped for "Gator school".

I felt maybe he been slightly misled by the sign (and maybe me) when he kept asking me these questions on the way this morning:

"Do you think they will have an alligator statue, Mama?"

"Mama, will they tell me all the gator information there?"

"I wonder if they will have a baby cayman for me to touch?"

Yikes! I was pretty worried that his first day of VBS could very well be his last, if he wasn't sufficiently chucked full of alligator info by noon.

When I picked him up I, of course, asked how it went.

I got this response "I didn't know they were going to sing such long songs at gator school."

Strike One!

Then came off the necklace he had made (that appeared to have nothing to do with alligators). I cheerfully say "Oh wow, what a cool necklace you made."

His response "No, my teacher made this for you because I told her I only like to make cool gator things." (In reality, the child does not like to make ANYTHING. I do not think he has a crafty bone in his body. You are probably thinking, how could he possibly be MY child when I am so crafty and all??? I know, I know it is a mystery).

Strike Two!

I then see a bracelet he got that looked gatory and say "Well you did get this neat bracelet that looks like an alligator."

He says "Yeah, but it doesn't have a head."

(I normally don't expect bracelets to come with heads, but then again I am not a 4 year old boy, so I guess our expectations could differ slightly.)

Strike Three!

Next, he says "I am starving because I don't like salad and cherry tomatoes." I am kinda having a hard time envisioning 4 year olds being given a salad and cherry tomato snack. I don't really think that was the snack, but just in case I might stick around for snack time tomorrow because I would love a salad.

Strike Four! (Yeah, yeah I know there is no such thing as four strikes, but what can I say I am generous)

So at this point I am pretty much thinking it is going to be torture to get him to go to the not-as-gatory-as-he-had-hoped school tomorrow when all of the sudden the clouds parted and the sun appeared.

Matthew says, "There were so many kids there. I didn't know who to meet first. At first, I thought it was a school, but then they talked about God, so I think maybe it is a church. And I get to go back for 56 days!"

Apparently, he is the kind of kid who likes to share the "bad news" first.

*Oh and on a completely unrelated note, for those of you wondering about the beefy baby's poundage, here are Alexis' 4 month stats: 17 lbs. 6 oz. and the height is somewhere in the 26's near 27 in (I don't remember exactly).


Amy said...

No alligators? I'd be disappointed too heehee Wow, Baby A is a chunky monkey...too sweet!!!

The Queen said...

That is so hilarious!!! I'm glad Matthew is having a good time (I think...). His new fondness for alligators is surprising! I can't believe how much he is growing up! Alexis is huge in your last post! I loved my chubby girls. They are just so cuddly!!! (and a great arm workout!)

Jenny said...

I love to hear what comes out of that little guy's mouth. He is precious!

Rachel said...

Wow - is their VBS really 56 days long? It must be hard to get volunteers to sign up for that!!!!

I loved this story, your little man is so hilarious!

Jenney said...

Oh VBS stories are the greatest. Does he retell the Bible story well? We have trouble with that part here. Glad I see from your next post that VBS ended up getting a good report.